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We would like to thank all of those who have given their time to view our site and present us with these awards. We appreciate it very much.

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Received on 15 Nov 03

Thank you Sarge for this wonderful award!!
Received on 18 Nov 03

Received 20 Nov 03
Received on 18 Nov 03
Thank you Bud, we are honored to receive this award. Please take a moment to check out Bud's web site. Your time will be well worth it!!!

Please accept this award, as appreciation for the creation of yet another outstanding service connected web site.

Your web site is very well done, and I can see that you've spent a lot of time creating it.

Your information about military personnel, and dedication to the well being of our men and women veterans and POW/MIA's is to be commended.

Best regards,

Thank you Pappy!
Received 28 Nov 03

Received 29 Nov 03

Received 08 Dec 03

Received 03 Jan 04

Received 31 Jan 04

Received 17 Dec 03

Received 03 May 05


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