Fort Lee MWR steps up to the plate

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First I would like to apologize for not writing this sooner. I have been at the Earth Day event on Fort Lee, so I have not been in my office until just now.

I would like to thank the Marketing Manager as well as the Director of the MWR for quickly stepping up to the plate to take care of this situation and to put policies in place in hopes that this will not happen again. The Marketing Manager quickly called me yesterday and left a voicemail on my office phone which I did not get until today when I came back into the office. The Director, Paul, called me before lunch and was extremely apologetic and assured me this is not how he wants the MWR to be viewed or ran. What I believe to be appropriate action has been taken with the individual involved.

Furthermore, you will notice a comment that was left on my original post by an “Army Wife”. The IP Address shows that it was posted from a computer in the MWR office. Tisk Tisk. I also informed Paul of this and forwarded him the information so they could track down which employee posted it. I did receive an email back from him, assuring me that immediate and appropriate action will be taken with all DFMWR employee’s that were involved in this mess.

Paul, I wish there were more like you. In a time where many choose to try and cover things up or sweep things under the rug, you chose the high road by trying to correct the situation instead of covering it up. You definitely deserve much kudos for taking immediate action in this matter as well as making changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again. You have definitely changed my view of the MWR, and I really look forward to giving you any input I can to help the MWR offer the best possible services to our Military and their families here on Fort Lee.

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May 1, 2012 · Daily Life, In The News, Military Living · Tags: · [Print] · 2,293 views

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