PCS: Put a cork in me, I am so ready to scream

It’s Friday the 13th. I am one of those crazy individuals that actually looks forward to Friday the 13th, Halloween and any other wacky, superstitious holiday you can come up with. But this Friday the 13th I should have known it was not going to be good. I would like to start off on a good note (here is to happy wishing that maybe by starting off on a good note, the other stuff to come will just make me laugh).

This past Tuesday I had my Mother’s Day present delivered to me (ok we had to pick it up and it was a surprise) Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71 crew cab, jacked way on up there, with everything that I asked for in a truck (when my husband asked if I could have the perfect truck what would it be, a couple of months ago). This is the end of the good note, lol.

We live in Maryland, but home of record is Washington State, which says we do not have to pay taxes because hubster is Active Duty (they were/are registering the truck for us in Washington). They did however, tell us that they are required to collect the taxes but we will get it refunded back to us from Washington. I wasn’t quite convinced.

Anyway, fast forward to today. I have been feeling pretty calm these past couple of days. The lady from the trucking company came out to do the pre-move survey. It was easy and painless. I have also managed to already box up and store away everything that we will be moving ourselves. Not sure how I pulled that off with 2 weeks still left to spare, but I did. Must of been the calm before the storm.

I should have known things were going way to smoothly! This isn’t my first rodeo!

Today shows up and everything goes to hell! I decide to try and get my business side of stuff squared away and all contractor and legal forms updated, etc…. Not a problem there until I am half way through one of the legal files, and hubster calls to let me know he heard from Washington state who told him that we would need to contact either the bank, dealership, or the state of Maryland to try and recover the taxes that we paid that were not meant to be paid. Well, the State of Maryland can’t help us with that due to nothing was paid to them. So that leaves the bank and the dealership (insert hilarious laughter here). A call to the dealership lands us a voicemail. Hubster (I like it better than hubby) did write an email to our salesman trying to explain how Washington State works (we already tried this while we were there). So needless to say we have 1300.00 in taxes that we paid and no one knows who is suppose to be the one to refund it back to us.

Of course as hubster is telling me this (steam at this point is starting to come out my ears) I can tell he is trying to get me to say, honey don’t worry I will take care of it. See I am the one who usually handles everything (house, legal matters, financial matters, etc…) you name it and I am the one who is on the phone or writing a letter to take care of it. Maybe it was the tone in my voice, but he refrained from asking, which was a rather smart thing for him to do.

I still want to scream. He may be “taking care of it”, but I am still thinking about it. Add into the fact that we are PCSing in 2 weeks (have I mentioned that, lol) and I sit here wondering, will my truck even have the registration or tags before we leave. Washington State is pretty damn quick on their turn around, but the 3rd party company that handles the title applications and such for the dealership seems to not only be taking their sweet time, but also is not sure exactly how to go about registering it in Washington State.

This post is pretty long, so I will cut it off here. Wish me luck. Until next time………….

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