August 16, 2012

Q. So my boyfriend/fiance (I’m not really sure what to call him at the moment) purposed an idea to me tonight when he called. We were talking about him coming home for leave in December (he’s currently stationed in Japan and I live in Vermont)and he brought up us getting married, (we had already decided […]


March 29, 2012

Q. It’s me again with some lovely order changes… No Presidents Day leave for my Fiancé. This changes all the plans for getting married at the court house before the actual ceremony in April. We are still on for the actual wedding ceremony April 7th but I was thinking about it and the county clerk’s […]


March 27, 2012

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Dr. Gary Chapman’s new book titled Life Promises for Couples. I immediately jumped at the chance. If you have ever been to a marriage seminar or retreat through the Military, you probably already know the name Dr. Gary Chapman, or at least the title of his best-selling […]


March 26, 2012

Q. My marine is waiting to be picked up for his MOS in March… we had planned to marry in February and the Marine Corp is aware. I just moved to Boston and I am working full-time we have a boy together. My question basically is… when we get married I am obligated to move […]


March 22, 2012

Q. Does a Marine have a choice of where to marry? Can they marry in their finance’s hometown or does it have to be at the miliary base in a different state? My friends were going to marry in June 2012 but now the marine will deploy overseas at the end of March. Thank you. They can […]


January 27, 2012

Q. My Fiancé (a US Marine) and I are planning on getting married in April. We are a little worried about the financial issues. We are both very frugal people and not big spenders. We were told that we would get an allowance for food as well as housing. Any idea of if we get […]


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