April 2, 2012

Q. Hello,  and Thank you for your previous answer to my question Will BAH increase when we marry? That does help a bit. But I am confused about the DEERS system/program. We have went to the nearest base while he was on leave from boot, I got my military spouse ID card. In doing that process, was I added into […]


March 15, 2012

Q. Hello Bridget! I am newly married to a US Marine and currently he is in SOI west MCT. I have read that his base pay will increase because we are married, but I am unsure about BAH. Is that only when they have been assigned to their PDS/PCS? Or am I supposed to get it […]


January 27, 2012

Q. My Fiancé (a US Marine) and I are planning on getting married in April. We are a little worried about the financial issues. We are both very frugal people and not big spenders. We were told that we would get an allowance for food as well as housing. Any idea of if we get […]


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