April 30, 2013 Bridgets PCS Blog

Well it is now official, we are homeowners! We are so glad that this part is over with and we can now just concentrate on moving. I will say that the home buying process for us was actually smooth. And the best advice I can give anyone who plans on purchasing a home, make sure […]


April 3, 2013 Bridgets PCS Blog

All the tedious work of buying a house has passed…thankfully! We are now just waiting to close on our home. At this point you would think stress would be gone. But it’s not. It won’t be gone until we close and officially own the house! In the mean time I am busy going through everything […]


April 5, 2012

Q. I’m moving from overseas back to the United States, specifically Okinawa, Japan to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. When we called to check the housing conditions and wait lists we found out that we would have to wait about a year and a half to get housing since we are around 240th on the list […]


January 17, 2012

Q. We will be experiencing our first PCS move in a few months. Although we do not have orders yet since my husband is still in training for his job, we expect that he’ll be done by June. I live in the same district as my mom and had thought about saving some money by […]


April 21, 2011

With all the stresses of PCSing, dealing with TRICARE during a PCS always seems to be a big one. Dreading waiting sometimes hours to see a TRICARE rep in order to transfer to the new region, can now be removed from that dreaded PCS list. TRICARE now offers the ability to transfer your Prime Enrollment […]


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