We’re in Germany, husband is re-classing. Where do me and my children go?

Dear Military SpouseQ. I have a question about PCSing. We are now stationed in Germany, however, he is re-classing and has to go to Missouri for 3 weeks then to Florida for 26 weeks. My question is, where will myself and my children go while he goes to those classes before he is given a duty station? Will we be able to go with him? Thank you!

You will await for him in Germany until you get PCS orders. MOS schools typically do not allow dependents to travel with them to those schools. There are some that do, but those are usually a year or more in length. Once he gets his PCS orders, you will then be able to PCS with him to the new duty station. If you wish to travel with him to his schools, you will do so on your own dime (air fare, food, lodging, car rental, gas, etc… you will be responsible for). You should also know that during that time, you will more than likely not be able to see him and he will not be allowed to stay with you in a hotel room.  I would say save the money and instead go on a vacation after the schooling and PCS are done with!

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