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Homecoming Ideas

Here you will find some Homecoming Ideas from us and our viewers, to help you prepare for that long awaited homecoming. Do you have a homecoming idea or tip that you would like to submit? Please do so by scrolling to the bottom and filling out the form. We will get it up ASAP.


* Make a banner using a white sheet and poster paint saying Welcome Home Daddy, Mommy, etc... If you have kids have them help you paint it. Hang it from the front of your house for the whole world to see (ok maybe not the whole world, but it won't go unnoticed).

*Because there are often large crowds when units retrograde, it's sometimes hard for your returning Marine to find you in the melee. You might try holding small flags of your Marine's favorite sports team, your state or favorite college flag. The last retrograde, we made slogan posters of our middle Marine's "famous" quotes, and congratulations using his childhood nickname. Also, we moms with a twisted sense of humor have been known to make posters of our sons from baby pictures or shots of them while asleep on leave. It's a good idea not to mess with a Marine, but an even better idea not to mess with his Mom.
Tip submitted by: Lori H.

* Place small flags around your fence or walkway


Marine Corps Return and Reunion Guide (PDF)


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July 18, 2001

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