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MONEY TALKS - Military Finances

You know the old saying....Money Talks, Bull**** Walks. Well the Military can give you both. One of the biggest struggles a Military family faces is money issues. Low pay and large families are usually what you will find. Unless your an Officer that has some time in service or you are a spouse with a great paying job, more than likely you will find that without a strict budget and financial plan, times will be tough and paychecks never seem to last.

But don't despair, help is here. Military spouses are some of the most frugal people on this earth. We know where to find deals, how to cut costs, and feed a family of 6 on a dime. Ok maybe not a dime. Whether you need help making a budget or finding ways to keep cash in your pocket, you will find it here.

How to make a Budget

A Military Families Budget Worksheet (pdf)

Money Saving Tips - The Frugal Military Spouse



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July 18, 2001

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