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Excess Costs - Keep in mind that you will be responsible for any excess cost. Excess costs includes:

Exceeding your authorized weight allowance.

If you choose to ship to other than an authorized place and it costs more to do so.

If you request special services such as special routing, special loading, or any other services not provided under ordinary rates.

If you request more than one household goods shipment from the same point of origin to the same point of destination.

If you ship unauthorized articles in a shipment which are discovered after pickup.

If you or your agent are not at the scheduled pickup or delivery address when movers arrive.

PRO-Gear - These are items required to in order for the service member to perform his or her official duty. You will need to separate your professional gear from the rest of your household goods, so that they may be packed, weighed and marked separately, and listed as PRO-Gear on your inventory. Your weight allowance will not include the weight of your PRO-gear. These items include:

Reference books

Papers and material, instruments, tools, and equipment

Specialized clothing such as diving suits, flying suits, band uniforms (exclude regular uniforms)

MARS equipment: You must certify that you are an active MARS member and all equipment qualifies for MARS use.

Appliances - It is your responsibility to get your household goods ready before the pack date. You will need to do the following for any appliances you will be moving:

Disconnect all appliances.

Unhook and drain the hose to your washer.

Refrigerator, freezer and air conditioners should be cleaned and dry prior to pack date.

Water bed should be drained completely, no water dripping on pack date or movers will not pack it.

Outdoor items such as swing set, playground equipment, utility shed, and chain link fence must be disassembled by you. Chain link fence must be rolled.

Outdoor TV antenna must be brought down by you.

Remember, whatever you disassemble or are required to do so, you must assemble at destination. Whatever the movers disassemble, they are required to assemble at destination.

More information can be found in the Move.mil pcs document located here.

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