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When you PCS there are certain allowances you get to help off set the cost.

DLA - Dislocation Allowance. The purpose of DLA is to partially reimburse a member, with or without dependents, for the expenses incurred in relocating the member's household on a PCS, housing moves ordered for the Government's convenience, or incident to an evacuation. This allowance is in addition to all other allowances authorized in this Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR) and may be paid in advance. You can find the DLA rate table here.

Per Diem Rates - Given to off set the cost of food and lodging. See current PCS Per Diem Rates here.

Mileage Rates - Given for when you drive you own vehicle. See the Mileage Rates table here.

Weight Allowance - When a commercial company moves you they charge you based on the amount of weight they are moving. The Military has come up with a max amount of weight they will pay to move. If you go over this weight amount you will be responsible for the overage. To see what your weight allowance is, check out the Weight Allowance Chart.

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July 18, 2001

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