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PCS Moves - Types of Moves

by: Bridget Daniels Carlson

DITY - Short for Do-It-Yourself. For a DITY move, you have several options:

Rental Truck - Rent a UHaul, Budget, etc.. truck/Trailer. You pack everything, haul everything, and offload everything. You will be responsible for weighing the truck before you load and after you load. Make sure you get your weigh ticket so you can be reimbursed. You will also need to keep receipts for gassing up.

You Pack / They Haul - You may opt to hire a moving company. You pack and load a commercial van/truck, and they will haul it for you. Once there you will offload and unpack. The company must provide you with an ICC number and State or Federal Regulation numbers. You also have to request the company to provide weight tickets. (You will need these to get reimbursed)!

POV DITY aka Privately Owned Vehicle DITY - This is where you load your belongings into your own or borrowed vehicle. The POV must be a "cargo" type vehicle and not one that is used for passenger travels. In other words you can't stuff your Camaro down with stuff. If you borrowed the vehicle, you must also have written permission from the owner to use it for a DITY move. Vehicle registration is also required. No advanced allowance is authorized with this type of DITY.

Partial DITY. The Military will move most of your stuff, however you move some.

Lets face it, we don't want certain things lost and movers that move are Military are notorious for loosing, breaking, evening stealing our stuff. How would you replace all those pictures, or sentimental stuff? It would be near impossible. Those are just something's that you should never allow the Military to move. There are several more, which you can check out on the PCS - Take it with you page. This is where a Partial DITY move come in.

The Military will move whatever you give them to move and you move the rest. You will need to weigh your vehicle or trailer at an empty weight and after it has been loaded down. Remember to get your weigh slips.

Standard Move. The Military sends a truck and movers who pack, load, haul, unload and unpack (yes they unpack it for you) your stuff.

PROS. There are several pro's to this. The first and foremost being that they do all the work. The pack your stuff, load your stuff, haul your stuff, un-load your stuff, and un-pack your stuff. Another pro is that you will not have to worry about weighing a truck and getting weigh slips.

CONS. They are notorious for breaking, loosing, and even stealing your items. If you decide to do a Standard Move, make sure you check out our Standard Move Checklist, it will save you a lot of frustration. Another Con, is that you may have to wait a week even more for your items. This means no bed, or anything else that will be in that truck.


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July 18, 2001

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