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by: Bridget Daniels Carlson

Whether you are doing a Standard Move or Partial DITY move there are some things that should never leave your side during a move. You should have the following list packed up and locked in a room that the movers cannot access BEFORE they arrive.

Things you should take with you.

  1. Home Inventory Worksheets
  2. Computer and Computer Equipment
  3. DVD's, CD's, Console Game's. For easier moving, get rid of the packaging and just place DVD's etc... into a DVD/CD binder. It saves room and easier to move.
  4. Pictures, picture albums, home videos.
  5. All legal paperwork (birth certificates, social security cards, ID's, Orders, marriage license, divorce / custody papers, housing papers, insurance papers, wills, power of attorney's, and all Military related paperwork).
  6. Medications
  7. Clothing for a week for all family members
  8. All Jewelry, unless you don't care if it comes up missing.
  9. Any other sentimental items that if lost or broken would cause you to cry your eyes out over.

Items most commercial movers will NOT move or items that need special attention.

  1. Firearms - You will need to move these yourself. Make sure they are secure, unloaded, locked, and are out of arms reach. Ammo & Guns should also be separated from each other. There are many states with strict laws on guns in a vehicle. Doing the above will protect you. Also make sure you have a copy of your orders and the guns registration handy, just in case.
  2. Chemicals and other flammables. Plan to dispose of these (properly of course) before mover's get there.
  3. Perishable items.
  4. Flat Panel TV's - You will be responsible for the pre- and post- transportation servicing of the television at origin and destination. This includes any costs for disconnection/un-mounting at origin and reconnection/mounting at destina-tion. The Transportation Service Provider (TSP) is only responsible for the wrapping and packing of the flat panel television at origin and the unwrapping and unpacking at destination.
  5. Plastic Stoarage Bins - Although they will move the bins, keep in mind that the carrier has the right to inspect all items and they should be using the appropriate carton(s) to pack all items (i.e., clothes go in wardrobe boxes), thereby affording items the proper protection. Most carriers will not move pre-packed plastic bins as there is no "packed by owner" permitted in Military shipments. You will need to either:
    1. Let the carrier pack all contents in cartons and then stack the totes/tubs separately for onward movement or
    2. Let the member provide an already-packed tote/tub. The carrier will then inspect and decide to do the following:
      1. Empty the tote/tub and place its contents in a carton, or
      2. Ship the tote/tub as is with contents. It will be the carrier’s responsibility to ensure the tote/tub is adequately protected for safe movement. Tape may not be placed directly on the tote/tub. The intent is that at no time will any adhesive touch the tote/tub.

    The above decision is at the carrier’s discretion. Service members cannot insist that the contents must remain in the tote/tub, since the carrier assumes liability for the tote/tub and the contents.

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July 18, 2001

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