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mis The Best of Our Site. Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser, no matter where you are on the Web.
mis Powerful Search. Search the Web and get a wide choice of useful search engines. Included is a unique highlighter function. You can now highlight your search phrase on the page by clicking on the highlighter next to the search box. No more spending wasted time searching through a long web page. Let our highlighter do it for you!
mis App Marketplace. Add your favorite apps to your toolbar and customize it anyway you want with the Conduit Engine. Finally no need to have 50 toolbars taking up space.
mis Alerts to Your Desktop. Receive our most important site news and announcements instantly.
mis Hand-Picked tools that every Military Spouse would want. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, stay connected to all your accounts in one place. Plus a chatroom for Spouses, and Deployment Clocks!


Don't like these? That's ok because your toolbar is completely customizable. Delete the ones you don't want and add ones that you do from the thousands of available apps.

Link Menu for USMC Hangout - Drop down link bar with the links to the major portions of our site. Or just click the logo to go to the home page.

Search bar - Default search provider is google, however you can choose from several

Highlighter - Simply click the Highlighter (next to the search bar) to highlight your search term on a page! No more searching through all that text trying to find the item you were searching for!

USMC Hangout RSS Feed - Get immediately notified when a new article or blog entry is posted and read it right from the toolbar.

Facebook Plugin - Get notified right on your toolbar when you have new facebook notifications. You can also send a status update right from the toolbar.

Twitter - Follow the latest Tweets from the entire HH6 Life Network right from the toolbar.

Skype - Launch skype right from the toolbar.

Social Networking Button - Because there are so many social networks and not a bunch of room on the toolbar, this button combines them all. Links to several popular social networking sites.

Chat Rooms - Chat with other Dear Military Spouse Toolbar users right in our own chat rooms straight from the toolbar.

Fitness - An app that helps you get in shape right from the toolbar. Fitness videos such as stretching, Pilates, exercise for kids, etc.

Deployment Clocks - Clocks for Iraq and Afghanistan. Great for those that have loved ones deployed and want to know what time it is where they are deployed with a simple click of the mouse.

Email Notifier - Get notified whenever you receive a new email. You can add as many accounts as you want. Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, MSN, Comcast, Road Runner, and many more are supported as well as POP mail accounts.

Weather - Shows your local (or wherever you select) temperature and weather conditions right in your toolbar.

Gadgets - A gadgets button to hold the rest of our gadgets.


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July 18, 2001

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