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Famous Marines Index | Famous Marine Rumors

This page will list some of the most mistaken "Famous Marines". Those who always heard rumors that they were Marines, but were actually not. You should always check this page first before submitting a Famous Marine for inclusion. We do countless hours of research to keep both lists accurate. Therefore any name you submit will be researched before being added. The names below were researched, next to each name you will find the outcome. The ones that say no record of serving in the Military, means that we could not find any records saying he/she did serve or he/she did not serve. If you feel an name has been incorrectly listed here, please contact us and list a source (url) for your information. Please not though we do not accept wikipedia as a reliable source.

Beatrice Arthur - Despite ongoing belief she was NEVER a Marine according to her own words. You can watch the interview on YouTube 5:30 minutes into it.
David Carradine - Was in the Army
Richard M. Daley - No record of him ever serving in the military
Oscar De La Hoya - No record of him serving in the military
Walt Disney - Never served in the Military, Served in the Red Cross Ambulance Corps in France during WWI
Robert Duvall - Served 2 years in the Army
Charlton Heston - Served in the Army
Don Knotts - Served in the Army
Gerald McRaney - Never in the military, only played a Marine Officer on Major Dad
Chuck Norris - Never in the Marine Corps, he joined the Air Force
Dan Rather - Never a Marine. He did attend boot camp, however, was unable to complete his training and graduate.
Lou Rawls - Never in the Marine Corps, was in the Army
Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee) - Despite all the rumors, no where in any of his extensive interviews has he ever mentioned joining the Marines. So we are classifying this is one big fat rumor.
Burt Reynolds - Never served in the Military
Mr. Rogers - Never served in the Military
George Bernard Shaw - Never served in the Military
Slash - From GNR - No record of him every serving in the Military
Dee Snider - No record of him ever serving in the Military
Robert Wagner - Never served in the military
Jack Webb - According to he served in the Army from 1942-1945.
Chris Weinke - No record of him ever serving in the military




July 18, 2001