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Ronald Lee Ermey

Gunnery Sergeant Full

Name: Ronald Lee Ermey
Born: 24 March 1944, Emporia, Kansas, USA.
Service : United States Marine Corps 1961 - 1972
Status: Retired
Rank: E-7 Honorary Gunnery Sergeant Served 11 years in the Corps including 1.5 tours in Vietnam. He was medically retired from injuries received. He has since appeared in nearly 40 movies including Apocalypse Now, The Boys in Company C, Mississippi Burning, and Full Metal Jacket. He has also done voiceover's for movies and television including Toy Story, Toy Story 2, The Simpson's, and Toy Soldiers. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and the Boston Society of Film Critics gave him the award for "Best Supporting Actor" for his role as the D.I. in Full Metal Jacket.
The Everly Brothers

Both brothers joined the Marine Corps in 1961, spent a year in.
With the likelihood of being drafted for two years in the Army, on November 21, 1961, both Everlys joined the Marine Corp Reserves for six months. While in the Corps during the first half of 1962, they had a Top Ten hit with "Crying In the Rain," but their military commitment restricted them from capitalizing with club dates and tours.

On February 13, 1962, Don in his Marine dress uniform married movie starlet, Venetia Stevenson, in the chapel at Camp Pendleton, California. Five days later while still honeymooning in New York City, the boys made an appearance on CBS-TV's The Ed Sullivan Show in their dress uniforms. Don and Phil were released from the Marines on May 24, 1962. Three weeks earlier Warner Brothers issued "That's Old Fashion (That's the Way Love Should Be)" which became their second Top Ten single in a row. It was also their last.
Source:  History of Rock





July 18, 2001