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Gene Hackman
(1930 - ) Biography from Baseline's Encyclopedia of Film
Occupation: Actor
Birth Name: Eugene Alden Hackman
Born: January 30, 1930, San Bernardino, CA
Education: University of Illinois (journalism, TV production); School of Radio Technique, New York; Pasadena Playhouse (drama)
Hailed by The New York Times Magazine as "Hollywood's Uncommon Everyman," Hackman is a formidable American character actor turned leading man. Like Spencer Tracy, his "regular guy" looks and manner make it easy for men to identify with his persona of outraged common sense. Hackman's performances are consistently natural, and he excels at playing ordinary men caught up in moments of unexpected crisis. He has been one of America's leading film actors since the 1970's.
Hackman quit high school at 16, lied about his age and joined the Marines. He was trained as a radio operator before being shipped overseas. When his unit's announcer was injured, Hackman stepped in and found radio a hospitable medium. After his discharge, he studied journalism and TV production at the University of Illinois on the GI Bill. Hackman moved to New York and attended the School of Radio Technique, supporting himself through a succession of odd jobs. He next worked as an announcer at small radio and TV stations across the country. Hackman did not decide on an acting career until, at age 30, he realized that his announcing skills would help him in the profession.
John Hamilton
Gustav Hasford
Served as a Marine combat correspondent with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam from 1966-1968. While still in Vietnam he began writing about the experiences he had. The finished novel was finally published in 1979 as The Short-Timers. This book became the basis for the movie, Full Metal Jacket (1987). He also wrote the screenplay for the movie with Stanley Kubrick and Michael Herr. This resulted in an Academy Award nomination. This book has been highly acclaimed by the critics, with one of them even calling it, "The best work of fiction about the Vietnam war." He died of complications from diabetes. 29 Jan 1993
Sterling Hayden
BIRTH NAME: Sterling Relyea Walter
BORN: March 26, 1916
DIED: May 23, 1986
He joined the Marines as a private, under the name "John Hamilton" (a pseudonym Hayden only used in the military). He served during WWII as an OSS agent and was awarded the bronze star, a Bronze Arrowhead device, and a commendation from Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito. He left active duty on December 24, 1945.
Louis Hayward Louis Hayward
BIRTH NAME: Seafield Grant
BORN: Mar 19, 1909
Serving as a Marine during World War II, Hayward supervised the filming of the battle of Tarawa, winning a Bronze Star for his courage under fire.





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